Junior Team Page

Tryouts Sept 15th, 2023

Our junior teams train from October to April with the goal of competing at various local and regional events like the The B-LINE Wintersucks Rodeo, and the Fernie Jump Jam. B-LINE Membership is a requirement because team riders are expected to train outside of coaching hours.

B-LINE has been running Junior teams since 2018. Tryouts for the 2023/2024 season are on Friday Sept 15th, 2023. Registration opens on Sept 1, 2023.

Coaching 2023/2024:

We’re psyched to announce that Coaches Devon and Zach have signed on for the season and will be coaching the Junior Elite Team (JET).  Devon will be coaching the Junior Development Teams along with other experienced B-LINE coaches.

Junior Elite Team

The Junior Elite Team is comprised of our top level competitive junior athletes. 2021 was the first year that we held tryouts for the 7-10 spots available for the Thursday night training sessions. JET riders are expected to enter local, regional and national competitions.

Junior Development Teams

The Junior Development Teams have the same coaches as the JET, and they are designed to get riders to their next level of riding. Junior Development Team riders are expected to enter competitions hosted by B-LINE (Wintersucks Rodeo, Jumpline Jams, etc…)

There will likely be multiple JDT training teams with training on different days (Mondays 6-8pm or Fridays 6-8pm or Sundays time TBD)

Come Try out!

Tryouts for the 2023/2024 season will be on Friday Sept 15th starting at 6:00pm. You must register as we are limiting the number to 40 participants. Tryouts are $15 and that includes riding for the night.

Tryout format: Show us what you’ve got with runs through the jumplines, and a foam pit/resi session. B-LINE coaches will decided on teams and will keep riders of similar levels together. 

Be prepared to have a conversation with the coaches about your goals, expectations, and tricks you want to learn. We’re looking for riders with good attitudes, and the willingness to grow and improve their riding. We want to make sure this is a good fit for everyone.