Get ready

to have fun!

Can you stand on your pedals? Can you Pump?

If you can stand on your pedals, you can ride terrain at B-LINE.

Pumptracks are being built outside, in cities all over the world, because they are fun, great exercise, and are generally awesome for all ages. If you can stand on your pedals, with your pedals level, we can teach you how to pump at B-LINE in just a few minutes.

Standing on your pedals will help maximize your fun on a bike, and allows you to do more terrain from curbs to bike parks. Check out this video for tips that will help you get your butt off the saddle and get you standing on your pedals.

Tips for standing on your pedals

They’re called PUMPTRACKS because you control your speed by pumping instead of pedaling. Press into the downslope while standing on your pedals, with your pedals level. The most fun you can have on two wheels.

1 minute video on Pumping and Berms

Welcome to B-LINE Indoor Bike Park

Here is what you need to know for your first visit:

Everybody needs a waiver! Even spectators just walking around.

Our waiver is a legal document and it must be signed by the parent or legal guardian of a minor participant. 

Do yours before arriving at B-LINE to save time at your first check-in.

Helpful hints:

  • Drop-ins are welcome! Check our HOURS.
  • You can bring your own MTB, DJ or BMX bike, or rent one of ours.
  • We have pay lockers in the front and free lockers in the change rooms if you bring your own lock.
  • Dress in comfortable clothing you can ride in. Flat bottom shoes are best (no clips).
  • The average stay is 3-4 hours. Bring food and snacks. We have 20 picnic tables.
  • You can book a guided 1 hour tour for up to 8 riders.

We have terrain for all ages and skill levels.

We code B-LINE like a ski hill: Green is beginner terrain, Blue is intermediate terrain, and Black is expert Terrain.

Start in the Beginner Area and Pumptrack. You want to get used to the bike and the new terrain. From there you can explore the other areas of the park. If you have questions, ask the front desk staff; most are avid riders and can give out some helpful hints.


Check out our option for a GUIDED PARK TOUR through B-LINE. A park tour is the best way to experience B-LINE if you are new to pumping, or park riding. Click the link for details and to check availability:

Helmets need to be worn 100% of the time while on your bike.

No exceptions. We’re really strict on this rule. Even if you’re just striding to the bathroom, you need to wear your helmet properly while on your bike. It sets a better example for all the little kids!

We don’t put directional arrows because we want people to be able to practice riding the tracks and features both ways.

  • Riders on the track have the right of way.
  • You can follow people at a safe distance, but no passing.
  • Be aware of younger riders that can be unpredictable
  • Riders 7 years old and younger need supervision 100% of the time.

Posters you should read:

How to bring kids without losing your mind:

Bring snacks! Grab some neighbors*, load up the car, and head on down to B-LINE. Getting kids out of B-LINE is generally the hard part. Kids love it here and can usually spend hours.  Bring a book, your laptop (we have free wifi), or consider riding! There is no charge for parents or guardians to supervise. We have some packaged snacks and you are free to bring in outside food.

  • Kids 7 years and younger need adult supervision 100% of the time while riding in the park.
  • KIds 8-11 years old can roam the park, but must have parents or guardians (18+) in the facility
  • Riders 12+ can be dropped off on their own as long as they are potty trained.

*If you’re bringing kids that are not yours, and have not been to B-LINE, you can get their parents to fill out the waiver online.

Come check it out

‘That was way more fun than I thought!’ -most people after their first ride at B-LINE

Further Warning!

You may experience excessive levels of fun, which may lead to an addiction to bikes. An addiction to bikes usually leads to buying more bikes. It also leads to talking about bikes way more which will make you seem weird to the general population.