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Book your next Party at B-Line. Our staff will handle the logistics so you can focus on having a great time.

The Party ‘Package’ includes:

  • Use of the Park, and a party area, for 3 Hours
  • 5 Minutes Park Orientation (if needed)

We charge per participant based on age, and whether or not they need a bike. There is a minimum $175 charge for a party

Riders 8 years old+: $28 Per participant with no bike, $43 with a bike rental

Riders 4-7 years old: $17.5 per participant with no bike, $30 with a bike rental

Riders 0-3 years old: $10 per participant with no bike, $15 with a bike rental

You can build your party online to see what it will cost before you have to input any payment info online.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Ensure that EVERYONE does their waiver online. Parents just dropping off kids should do the waiver for themselves as well because parents typically want to go in and see the park. Waivers must be filled out by parents or LEGAL guardians. Send the link to all participants.
  • Ask if you have any questions or need assistance. Check out our ‘party host’ option.
  • Have riders under 8 years old bring their own bikes if possible. We have limited rentals and not all kids are comfortable on BMX bikes.
  • Leave the party area in similar condition to how you got it to avoid a $50 cleaning fee. (It’s ok to leave recyclables, bottles or pizza boxes,  on the tables)

Yes. We have terrain for all levels and all ages of riders, and we have balance bikes for those just learning. Bike riding can be dangerous – injuries can result. Parties are unsupervised by staff. Please ensure that participants are riding within their ability.

We recommend that parents stick around for kids that need extra attention. Don’t drop and go with a participant that does not know how to pedal or stride. Options in the park open up for riders that can stand on their pedals.

No. You get to structure the party however you’d like. Most folks order the food near the end, once the riders are tuckered out.

Have everyone fill out the waiver online before they get here!! and bring ID. It’s on our home page at Make sure you click on the confirmation email, or we don’t see it. No need to print anything off.

Yes! All we have are Clif Bars and Beef Jerky so we highly recommend bringing your own food. Most parties order Pizza from some locals spots.

Anyone entering the party for the birthday must fill out the waiver; even the parents. Waivers must be filled out by each participant if they are over 18, or a legal guardian for a minor.

Save Time When You Get Here. Fill Out Your Waiver Online!

*Adults May not Sign Waivers For Other People’s Children.

Team Events/Facility Rentals

Looking to build some camaraderie with your team? A B-line team event is a great way to bring your team together and build great working relationships.

Our Team Event Package Includes:-

  • Use of the Park for 3 Hours
  • Use of the Party Area for 3 Hours
  • 5 Minutes Park Orientation

$28 Per participant with no bike rental.

$43 Per participant with bike rental.

three kids striking a pose on their bikes

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