B-LINE Indoor Bike Park is basically a family fun centre for riding bikes and progressing your biking skills. We opened October 24th, 2017. Joyride150 out of Markham, ON did most of our design, and they even flew out to help build for a few days in June 2017. Travis Kozie was the Red Seal carpenter that headed the construction and added his own flair to the Big Air Room; Travis continues to build and fix features, while training here in the evenings and weekends.

First Timer Info

Here are the main sections that you will find at B-LINE

view of beginner level obstacles

Beginner Section and Pumptracks

Our front area is designed for beginners. We have low features and many small to medium pumps, bumps and jumps to test your skills.


We have 4 progressive jumplines that are marked green for beginner and intermediate, blue for advanced, and black for expert.

multiple rows of jumps of various sizes
view of the available foam pits

Foam Pit and Resi

You can’t have one without the other! Our progressive foam pit has 3 different sized jumps going into it, as well as quarterpipes on each side. Our Resi provides the next padded step when you’re ready.

The BAR and Street

You won’t need ID to get into our Big Air Room. Here you’ll find our big spine and boxjump along with our little street section.

room filled with big ramps
overview of the pro shop with participants in the foreground

Pro Shop

If you break it on your BMX, chances are we have the part to get you riding again. We also have cold drinks and a few packaged snacks.

Party Areas

We have two blocked off party areas for your group events. Check out the party page for more info.

Party Page
overview of a blocked off party area
view of a row of lockers

Locker Rooms

We have one for the boys and one for the girls. Bring your own lock. We also have pay lockers ($1) in the front area.