Frequently Asked Questions

There is no such thing as a dumb question. Well almost…

After being open for 5.5 years, we thought it’d be cool to update the FAQs.

OMG Yes and we are very strict with that rule. You need to wear a helmet 100% of the time when you are on your bike. Even if you’re just biking to the bathroom.

And it needs to be done up, and it should fit properly. Don’t make us tighten your chin strap if you’re over 14 years old; it’s embarrassing for everyone.

This is surprisingly a frequently asked question. We wouldn’t be a very good indoor facility without them. Yes we do have bathrooms and they’re right over there.

We hope not. but we’re going to need more support than we are currently getting. We put out a call for support in February 2023 and the response was amazing until the weather got good in April.

Covid kicked our ass and we’ve not been able to recover financially. We’re doing our best to hang on and exploring many options, including letting scooters back in. Support local. Come ride and shop.

It’s usually better in B-LINE than it is outside, but guess where we get our air from?

Devon can make himself available for private lessons. Talk to him or book online.

We’ll definitely do our best to stay open during ANY apocalypse, or alien invasion, but we’ll also be following the rules.

Pants or shorts are appropriate. Pants offer better protection and help hide the pads you should be wearing.

Biking is not for everyone, but it can be for everyone. Start slow. Biking takes practice and time on your pedals is going to help you get comfortable. You want to be able to stand on your pedals, with your pedals level, before you start tackling pumps, bumps and jumps at B-LINE.

Once you can stand on your pedals, pad up and consider taking a private lesson to learn bike control and pumping.

Nope! This is waaaaay better. But if you’re intent on playing badminton, you’ve got the right building, but the wrong side. Head north around the building and you will find your way, but please come back and check us out later.

More relevant FAQ’s

Short answer: 100% yes.Lock out your suspension, pump up those tires, and drop that seat and you can make your MTB work at B-LINE. Check out our MTB Page for a preview.

Another question to ponder: Is it the best bike for our terrain? No; they’re made for going long distances over rugged terrain. Dirt Jumpers have 1 brake, 1 gear and the seat is already dropped low; they are the ideal bike for riding, and pumping, through our terrain.

99.75% guaranteed. Time on pedals is the best wat to get better at bikes, and B-LINE has the terrain to help you advance in a safe manner.

Heck ya. We have a few regular unicyclists here.

We do not currently allow scooters, skateboards,  or in-line skates. We may have special events where they may be permitted. Give us a follow on Instagram to stay in the loop!

Spectators are generally allowed, but may be limited on busy days, based on capacity. All spectators need to fill out a waiver to be in the building or walk around.

(Spectating is lame and you’d probably have more fun if you were riding. Wear good shoes for riding… just in case.)

We sure do. We have pay lockers for $1 per use in the front area, as well as free cubbies and hooks. We have FREE lockers in the change rooms, but you gotta bring your own lock.

You’re supposed to clean the foam pit???

  1. Do your waiver online and bring ID (first visit only). Pack snacks or bring money for Clif Bars and Jerky… the average stay is 3-4 hours. Bring a lock for the change rooms, or loonies for the cubbies
  2. BYOB (Bring your own bike)  or use one of our rental bikes. You must be able to stand on your pedals while coasting, with your pedals level.
  3. Read the rules at B-LINE or on the website’s First Timer’s Page
  4. We treat B-LINE like a ski hill. Green is Beginner, Blue is Intermediate and Black is Expert terrain.
  5. We don’t put directional arrows in many places because we want you to practice skills both ways. Whoever is on a run, or trail, has the ultimate right of way. You can follow other riders at a safe distance, but no passing.
  6. The hardest part of the foam pit is getting out of it. Stay attached to your bike and don’t use brakes as you go in.
  7. Go at your own pace and ask questions if you have any.

Tacos Mexico is top of our list! Banh Mi Subs is super close and really good as well. There’s a Safeway across the street which has ingredients to make almost anything you’d like.

Yes you can. Private lessons from one of our super good instructors will catapult your abilities and confidence on a bike. Check Availability.

Yes! We have rental bikes in all sizes. Our DJ’s are Norco Rampage and Our BMX Bikes are WTP and Colony.

When you rent a bike for the day, you can switch between our DJ’s and BMX, based on availability. We also have run bikes and some good ‘learn to pedal’ bikes for kids.

Long answer: My motorcycle coach put it best… “Picture going 50km/h in your car. Take off your seatbelt, open your door and roll out of the car while it’s moving. What do you want to be wearing?” The answer is full motorcycle armor and protection. The answer is the same for biking. In the event of a crash, what do you want to be wearing? Ankle guards, shin pads, knee pads, hip pads, elbow pads, a mouth guard and a full face helmet are all essential biking gear once you start pushing your limits, and abilities, whether you are indoors or outdoors.

Short answer: No

If they are from the FLANNEL CREW, then 100% yes! They also keep you warmer in the winter.

Yes, but they are not the best for our terrain. We encourage learning balance through the use of run bikes instead of training wheels.

Kids that are 12 can be left at B-LINE without a supervisor as long as they are potty trained. You can buy them a gift card that they can use for food and drinks.

These aren’t really FAQ’s

But we’ve been asked!

Yes, but mostly in the off season.

We’re going to classify that as: NOT A PROBLEM.

Sadly no. The dude has been invited, but due to being worldly famous, he’s not been able to make it yet.

Yes he HAS!! TWICE!!! The dude came and rode for a few days in 2019 and then came and rode for a few more days. ANd then he won RedBull Rampage 2022!! Coincidence? He even made an Instagram post where he said he was thankful for places for like B-LINE. Love this guy.

Long Answwr: If the owner of B-LINE was really a millionaire, there would be another level, and a rooftop licenced  patio, with a hamster wheel for bikes, and a pizza parlor. We’d get a Nespresso Coffee machine and have free baby sitting for parents while they biked. Can you say AIR CONDITIONING?

Short answer: No.