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We love sharing healthy tasty recipes that are easy to make, and can have easy variations. Cooking at home is cost effective and can be so rewarding if you don’t &^%$ it up.

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Easy Tasty Pork Ribs on the BBQ and a RUB

  • While the BBQ is warming up on high, take the ribs out of the package and put them on a baking tray for easy transport. I keep them whole and cut them in to 3-4 rib sections on the BBQ when I want to check doneness, but you can cut them now if you want.
  • We are going to GENEROUSLY apply tons of CAYENNE. The ribs should be mostly red before we apply garlic powder, salt and pepper to taste. Be generous with the garlic too, but not crazy.
  • Put the ribs on the BBQ to sear them, and then turn the heat down to low, keeping the BBQ temp between 350-400 while flipping them on occasionally until you think they’re close to done. Try to look cool while doing this step.
  • Now we’re going to take a BBQ Basting brush, and your favorite BBQ sauce, and smother the ribs for their last 5 min on the BBQ. Give yourself a gold start if you use a homemade BBQ sauce.
  • Cut these pig ribs into singles, and serve.


Heinz baked beans are a pretty good side dish on their own but did you know that you can spice them up with BACON? and fried ONIONS! and other things too?

Breaky Bowl

It mostly cooks while you’re drinking your coffee. Step 1: Get up and decide that you want a good breakfast. Preheat oven to 385. Step 2: grab The STUFF*, chop it and put it in a bowl. Add oil, garlic powder, and your favorite salty seasoning, and toss (we use Montreal Steak Spice). Place on a cooking sheet and bake for 40 minutes, stirring with spatula at about 20min. Drink coffee and lounge a bit now. After 40 min you can eat as is, or add the accoutrements**

*The STUFF: 2-5 Potatoes depending on appetite, # of people, and desired amount of leftovers***. You decide. Add chopped veggies, almost any will do: carrots, onions, peppers, celery, broccoli and cauliflower are awesome. 60-80% potatoes, 20-40% veg. 10-15% Garlic sausage for protein is super good as well.
**Accoutrements: Chopped green onion, cheese, fried or scramble egg****
***These make great leftovers and keep for days. (fry leftovers in pan for a couple min; make space in the middle and add butter; crack an egg in the middle; add a few drops of water for steam, and cover till the egg is cooked)
****Depending on if you cracked the egg while putting it in the pan.
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If you gotta eat, you might as well enjoy it. Many of these recipes were taken from the internet, and always tested by me and the fam.