Working together to stay open

Hang in there folks while we navigate the rules, which have been constantly changing.

Here’s a link to the website. That’s where we get our ‘intel’.

February 9th

Main Rules:

  • Masks must be worn except when riding
  • Eating is permitted in the main picnic area only
  • Be kind
  • Ride Safe
  • Practice good hygiene and don’t come if you’re sick

See you soon, and thanks for your understanding.

We need your help to keep our facility safe for our staff and patrons

Some of the Covid precautions are probably still a good idea. We request that you:

1.) Screen yourself for Covid Symptoms. Maybe don’t come ride if you’re sick.

2) Practice Social distancing. We pre-apologize to close talkers

3.) Practice good personal hygiene. Yep, still a good idea.

overview of retail area

Everybody in the facility needs to have a waiver completed. Start here:

assortment of bikes

Thank you for being safe