Safety Starts with YOU!

Masks are now required 100% of the time while in the facility. Even while riding.

Please check in and check out when you leave.

Our Jan 15th, 2021 25th Newsletter

As of November 27th, 2020:

We are not allowing food at this time. If you need to eat, please go outside or in your car.

All clubs are cancelled for December and we are not putting January online just yet.

All parties are cancelled for the rest of the year. No more bookings.

Please be aware of, and follow the new restrictions announced by the AB Gov’t on November 24th.

We need your help to keep our facility safe for our staff and patrons

We need you to be aware of the current guidelines and social distancing measures as set out by the province. We request that you:

1.) Screen yourself for Covid Symptoms. Check out the last page of this document for screening questions and don’t come if you, or anyone else you bring, answers YES to ANY of the questions: RETURN TO SPORT, PHYSICAL ACTIVITY AND RECREATION Document

2) Practice Social distancing at all times. We have 60,000 square feet to spread out. Do we need to put up signs every where to remind people?

3.) Practice good personal hygiene. Use our hand sanitizer when you first come in and as necessary when you are in the facility. Come dressed for riding. Please don’t touch anything that is not yours (it freaks some people out now)

4.) No Spectators Please. Our capacity is limited and we’d prefer that no ‘non’essential’ people just hang out.

overview of retail area
Current Hours

This counter is a live feed showing where we are at for capacity:

Everybody in the facility needs to have a waiver completed. Start here:

assortment of bikes

Thank you for being diligent and helping us slow the spread of Covid-19!