Learning to RideAt B-LINE

Our beginner section is ideal for teaching young kids to stride, and then pedal on their bikes. There is no charge for parents to run around and assist their kids. We’ve recognized a few formulas that seem to help the learning process

Monkey See, Monkey Do

Kids learn very well from watching, and following other kids. Bring yours by on a Saturday or Sunday morning and watch them progress, or meet some friends at B-LINE during one of our quieter times to have a little more room to ride.

Parent + (Patience,Practice, Prize) = Pedalling Kid

Teaching your kid to ride is an amazing way to have fun, and bond with your kid. Our terrain and facility make it easy to practice. A little incentive such as a KitKat Bar, B-LINE shirt, or a Trip to Disneyland, seems to help too.

The $60/hour Option

For $60 an hour you can drop your 3-8 year old kid off and we’ll do our best to get them striding, then riding. No guarantees and these private lessons must be booked by calling 403.764.7433