B-LINE Presents:

The WinterSucks RODEO 2022

The RODEO: This is a fun competitive event for riders of all levels. Grab a scorecard and ride around B-LINE trying different events: Long Jump, High Jump, Bunny Hop, Skinnies, Pumptrack Races, and more. Maximum 3 attempts at each station.

Citizen Jump Jam: This is a judged contest on the BLUE jumpline. MTB and BMX will be judged together. You can sign up when you register for the rodeo.

Open Finals: This is a judged contest through our Blue and/or Black Jumplines. A maximum of 16 riders will get 2 runs each through the expert jumplines, and their best score will count. MTB and BMX categories will be separate. You can sign up when you register for the Rodeo.

overview of retail area

2020 Jump Jam Winner Liam Baylis

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The Rodeo ‘Scramble’:

Here’s a list of the ‘for sure’ events that will be a part of the rodeo. You can move around trying challenges in any order. There’ll be judges at every station. Hand in your scorecard and be ready to ride (or jump, or toss, etc…) when you are called. You’ll get a MAX of 3 attempts at each event:

  • High Jump: You tell us how high you’d like the ribbon, and then attempt to clear it (into the foam pit). More points the higher you go.
  • Long Jump: You get a short runway into a 1′ kicker (jump). We measure the distance you travel in the air, and the father you go, the more points you get.
  • PumpTrack Race: When the gate drops, pedal and pump your heart out. Best time wins! (more points for faster times)
  • Bunny Hop: Set the bar (minimum 8″) and clear it for points! The higher you go, the more points you get!
  • JumpLine Score: You just need to get through the jump lines, without putting a foot down, to get points. You get extra points for each trick you do. Green Jumps are 3 points, and 1 point for each trick; Blue jumps are 5 points and 2 points per trick; Black jumps are 10 points and 3 points per trick.
  • Skills Course: Everyone starts and finishes at the same spots. Ride over the numbers in the skills area to get that number of points. You must stay on the course and not put a foot down
  • Bean Bag Toss: Toss a bag into a rim (12″-26″)  for points
  • (secret challenge, TBD)

Practice Sessions

Join us Dec 9th, 14, and 16th, 2021, and Jan 6th, 11, 18th and 20th, 2022 for some Rodeo Practice Sessions. 7pm starts and we’ll practice 1 or 2 events per evening. (Tuesday sessions are ladies only)

assortment of helmets


The park will close at 3pm and the rodeo will start at 3:45-4pm. The Jump Jams should start shortly after 7pm. This is the year 3 for this event and we’re stoked. Follow us on Instagram for info and good karma!