Book a party online for up to 20 people. Our party package includes:

• Use of the park for 3 hours
• Use of a party area for 3 hours
• 5 minute park orientation

$24 per participant with no bike rental
$35 per participant with bike rental
$15 per kid 4-7
$27.5 per kid 4-7 with bike rental

Minimum charge for a party is $150, and it MUST be done in one transaction, or day pass rates will apply.

Please have each participant, or their legal guardian if they are under 18, fill out the waiver online prior to the party. This speeds up the check-in process immensely.

Waivers: Our waivers are legal documents and they must be filled out by the legal guardian of a minor participant. This can be done online before they party starts.

Please call 403.764.7433 for parties larger than 20.

Book here!

Birthday FAQ


Is B-LINE suitable for all riders?

Yes. We have terrain for all levels and all ages of riders, and we have balance bikes for those just learning. Bike riding can be dangerous – injuries can result. Parties are unsupervised by staff. Please ensure that participants are riding within their ability.


My kid is not the best rider. Is that a problem?

We recommend that parents stick around for kids that need extra attention. Don’t drop and go with a participant that does not know how to pedal or stride. Options in the park open up for riders that can stand on their pedals.


How do I speed up the check in?

Have everyone fill out the waiver online before they get here!! and bring ID. It’s on our home page at Make sure you click on the confirmation email, or we don’t see it. No need to print anything off.


What’s the deal with the party?

The party group gets use of the party room and use of the park for 3 hours. Parents are free to come hang out and watch. You can structure the time however you’d like. Most parties do the food and cake thing near the end. You are welcome to bring in outside food and drinks.


Do I need to fill out the waiver?

Anyone entering the party for the birthday must fill out the waiver; even the parents. Waivers must be filled out by each participant if they are over 18, or a legal guardian for a minor.

*Adults may not sign waivers for other people’s children.


Are you nut free?

I can’t speak for the sanity of the people in the building at any given time, and we also allow peanuts in the building.