We are a 60,000-square foot facility dedicated to biking, and learning how to bike. We have various terrain for all level of riders. We like to think of ourselves as an indoor ‘ski hill’ for bikes. We have lessons, rentals and a small concession for cold drinks and pre-packaged snacks.
You can bring your own bike as long as it is clean and maintained properly. We reserve the right to do a bike check and not allow any bike that may be unsafe. Most of our terrain is built for BMX, DJ’s and MTB’s.
We have rental bikes, pads and helmets. When you rent a bike for the day, you can switch between our DJ’s and BMX, based on availability
Helmets are mandatory and pads are highly recommended. We have rentals and retail available.
Long sleeves and pants are quite fashionable when you are wiping out or crashing.
No age restriction. Kids 7 and under need to be accompanied by a parent at all times in the park.
We don’t love training wheels and they don’t do well in our terrain. We encourage learning balance through the use of run bikes instead of training wheels.
They’re a good idea don’t ya think? Brakes are not mandatory but if you’re not in control we reserve the right to ask you to put on working brakes.
Sorry but no skates or scooters. We may have time slots for rollerblades in the future.
We have terrain and beginner courses for you.
The Coast Plaza Hotel Calgary is just up the street! Use special code BLN272 when booking online at this invisble link: www.coasthotels.com
Yes. Bring popcorn. We have a few observation areas.
We have pay lockers and cubbies in the front, and lockers in the change room (bring your own lock).